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Tired of packing?

Best Option Movers and our San Diego movers will help you with this task. When it takes people days and sometimes week to prepare everything for the move when can come and pack everything for you within few hours or a day depend on the size of your packing project. Our San Diego moving company can pack your small items into the boxes and do it professionally. It is very important to know how to pack the boxes properly. It might happen that when we arrive we have to reseal or repack some of the boxes and takes even longer than just packing it.

The most common mistakes:

Putting many large heavy items on one large box. It is very hard to move and very often box start falling a part once we start moving it.

Not wrapping or not properly packing glass items with each other on the boxes

Packing books in large boxes. All books and papers has to be packed in small size boxes, papers are heavy.

Packing unsealed and not properly close liquids.

There are more things that you should know about packing when you pack and we suggest to watch videos on internet if you are not experienced packer, so we don’t have to repack it for you and you don’t have to deal with broken items inside of the box.

Best Option Movers offers 3 different packing options

Furniture only

Furniture only is the most common option and over 70% customers choose this option. Choosing this option you need make sure you pack all small items your self and all packing needs to be done prior our San Diego movers arrival. When you choose “Furniture only” our San Diego moving company will wrap all furniture pieces, large appliances and all other items that are to big to be place to moving boxes. With this option moving service also includes wardrobe boxes for you cloth that is on hangers in your closet. Wardrobes always are free of charge and provided for every move. Furniture will be protected with high quality thick moving blankets to protect all your furniture. We carry standard shape moving blankets and special shape and size moving blankets for sofa, washer, dryer and fridge. Movers will protect your mattress with plastic special mattress covers. We use only high quality supplies to ensure best protection to your items.

Furniture + Kitchen

You would like to pack all you cloth, small pictures and cloth your self and lave only fragile and glass items to our Movers in San Diego? No problem, Furniture+ Kitchen is right for you! Our San Diego Moving Company teaches and trains movers how properly pack your kitchen. We will carefully wrap every dish, glass and other kitchen items before placing them in box. For heavier kitchen items will use dishpaks that are specifically designed for those items. Every box will be labeled and noted what is inside. We would also protect all the furniture when you choose this option. A lot of people think that they can pack dishes and there is nothing special about it and that is when you got cracked dishes and broken glass on your move. Kitchen packing is very complicated and time-consuming process. Every dish has to be packed separately and layers must be placed between large stocks of dishes. There are more small things that you need to know while packing fragile kitchen items.

Full packing

Choosing this option you can forget about days of packing, going to the store to buy boxes, purchasing packing papers, small bubble and other packing supplies in different stores. All this preparations take a lot of you time and our San Diego movers can definitely take care of it for you. Our moving company will pack all small items into boxes;we will also pack your pictures and paintings, kitchen and furniture. It is not easy to find a good moving company in San Diego for full packing service, however our moving company has packing training sessions for all field employees. We bring different type of boxes from regular moving boxes to special painting boxes. Our San Diego movers know how to pack different pictures from printings to oil paintings. All boxes will be labeled and marked so we know which room it went from.

Even when we do full packing on your move, there are still some items that needed to be packed and moved by you and those items are: passports, jewelry, cash, watches, bank papers and any small and expensive and important items. Moving company is not responsible for those items.

If you do not have packing supplies for us to pack, we can provide all kind of packing supplies at following fees

Small Box 1.5 cu. ft.

$2 / Each

Medium Box 3.0 cu. ft.

$3 / Each

Large Box 4.5 cu. ft.

$4 / Each


$5 / Each

Small Mirror Pack

$3 / Each

Medium Mirror Pack

$4 / Each

Large Mirror Pack

$5 / Each

Furniture Felt Slider

$1 / Each

Custom Oversized Frame

$15 / Each

Wrapping paper

$1/ Pound

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