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Planning your long distance move from San Diego to elsewhere?

Call professionals- call Best Option Movers your San Diego long distance moving specialist. Ether your are moving 100 miles or 1000 miles we can help to do it safe and in the most convenient time frames. Best Option Movers is your #1 choice moving company in San Diego for long distance and local moving. The most important in long distance moving is knowing how to prepare furniture for long distance transportation. Some moving companies use regular moving blankets for local and long distance moving which is not correct. Due a long way transportation your furniture shakes non stop in the truck and possibility of having items damaged are way higher compare to local moving. Best Option Movers using only high grade moving blankets and on the top some of the items will card boarded to make sure it ready for long distance moving. We guarantee delivery on time as long there no breakdowns on the road and normal weather condition.

Best Option Movers offers 3 different ways to move your belongings long distance:


Not the fastest and safest but the cheapest delivery option. We will come and prepare and protect your furniture for long distance move and take it to our storage facility. Your belongings will be placed in large trailer with few other loads and delivered within 1-3 weeks. Why this is not the safest option? Unlike other to options with trailer delivery your items will be loaded, unloaded and shifted from one part of the trailer to another multiple times before it gets deliver to you. All this actions will increase possibility of damages and mixing or loosing some of the items. Delivery time is not flexible and you cannot miss it other wise your unloading will be skipped and you will need to wait when trailers comes back which can take few days or couple weeks. This option proved to be most affordable for moves over 1,500 miles but les safe and the longest compare to other 2 options.

Container / Portable Storage Delivery

This option is one of the safest but not the fastest. This is a good option for 1-2 bedrooms residences to be moved over 1,500 miles. Our San Diego movers will come and protect all your furniture and pack all the boxes if requested before the move. Container/ portable storage will be delivered either to your location or we will need to load it to the truck and then take it to storage facility if city prohibit portable containers to be dropped at your area. The good part about moving suing this option is that your items never touched after it loaded and till it is unloaded. You are the only one who has a key from the lock and there are only your items in that container, it is not shared with anyone and this is the best part of going with this option. Delivery with container takes 7-21 days. Container will be delivered to your residence or your items will be moved in the truck after you unlock and open the container at local storage facility.

Delivery with dedicated truck

Moving within 1500 miles and looking for 1-3 days delivery? This option is for you! Our San Diego moving company will send a dedicated truck for your move only. Same crew at both pick up and drop off location, no other loads in the truck and straight delivery it is all about dedicated truck delivery option. You can always contact your personal driver to check on delivery ETA. We will wrap all the furniture, disassemble and reassemble your bed. Working with the same crew at both locations makes your move easier and smooth.

To get a quote on your long distance move please contact our sales team by the phone or quote form.
We will be happy to assist you with you moving project and make it stress free.