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Looking for local moving service in San Diego area?

Best Option Movers is here to help you with all your local moving needs. Our moving company provides high quality moving service, either you have small move or large moving project our San Diego Movers will make fast, safe and stress free. We always wrap all the furniture with only high-grade professional moving blankets and plastic wrap. We understand how important to deliver everything safe and not damaged, since furniture is not just money it is memories as well. For every move we will offer wardrobe boxes. Wardrobe box is designed to move cloth on hangers. It is very easy and convenient way to transport your cloth and also it is free of charge with every move. Our San Diego moving company also focusing on your property safety that is why we always come with: front door protection, door way protections, rail protections and floor runners, we want to make sure nothing gets damaged on your move. Our San Diego local movers will start your move with smile, greeting and introducing themselves.

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We always look for ways to

Make your move faster and safer

Need to move appliances such as washer, drier or fridge? Best Option Movers knows how to move those appliances like anyone else. For those items we use blankets specifically made for those items and covers them from the top to the bottom of item when you can miss corners and spend more time using regular moving blankets. How else we can save a time on your move? We can wrap your large couch faster then any other moving company, ask us how? In general you need 3 moving blankets to protect couch, each blankets has to be wrapped with plastic wrap be for you can turn the couch and it takes quite a long time. Best Option Movers will use only one couch shaped blanket cover and shrink wrap it to make sire it sits tight on your couch. While other movers wrapping one couch we can wrap five couches. Every one has a mattress to move and we ready to do it if fast and safe. Majority moving companies moving mattresses the same way, they use shrink-wrap or plastic bags. Does is protect your mattress? Yes, but once you have tight turns or squeezing actions it will tear and your mattress might get dirty or might tear. In addition plastic bags and shrink-wrap are not very comfortable to carry for longer walk and movers need to stop to re-grip. Best Option Movers has different size reusable hard material moving bags with handles, which we bring from Europe. It laterally takes under 30 second to pack you mattress and it is easy to care. Some moving companies might offer you a mattress box for better protection at additional cost, but keep in mind you cannot squeeze mattress box and touch walls by them because it will damage your walls.

There are more secret technics and equipment that we use compare to majority moving companies to make your move fast and easy.

How Local Moving is charged?

In accordance with Public Utilities Commission regulations all local moves are charge hourly. Movers will start the clock at the time of arrival and clock will be stopped when your move is completed. All moving companies have to double the drive time between pick up and droppof locations, it is called double drive time and also a part of the regulations and how local moves are charged.

What is local move?

Local move is the move when pick up and drop off location less than 100 miles apart from each other. In general local moves are one-day projects unless you have a large house and it needed to be done in two or more days.

Residential Moving

Are you planning to move your residence and looking for residential movers in San Diego? Best Option Movers is your # 1 choice for movers in San Diego. Our San Diego movers know everything about moving and packing household items. We will wrap all your furniture pieces with moving blankets and plastic wrap. Best Option Movers provides 8 wardrobe boxes for free of charge for all residential moves, so you can transport your hanging cloth easily. Our San Diego movers will protect your property such as main walkways, doorways, front door and rails. Please make sure you arranged closest parking for movers at pick up and drop off addresses, otherwise movers will have to park as close as they find available parking, which can effect your move time.

What can stretch duration of your move?

Walking distance from your front door to the truck is very important. As closer we can park the truck to you residence as faster your move will be completed.

Elevator and Stairs. If you have staircase on one of your locations it will increase amount of hours to complete it. On the staircases movers might not be able to use some of the equipment and have to carry majority of the items on hands. Elevator might also increase amount of hours for your move, especially if elevator is not reserved and other tenants are using it at the same time as movers.

Level of you preparedness. If you are not ready for the move and your items are not packed or boxes are not sealed or not properly packed it will increase the length of your move. It is very important to have everything ready to go in order to speed up moving process.

Kids and Pets. Please make sure our San Diego movers can safely walk in your residence and property and nothing is on their way, especially kids and pets.

Furniture disassembly and reassembly. Some furniture takes way longer to take a part either to it complicated structure and big amount of parts, or due to the fact that some of the screws are stripped and hard to work with.

Please fee free to contact us with any questions regarding your upcoming moving project!